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Thanks to all of these generous supporters for Kickstarter donations that helped make the film possible

David Adams I have a small $2 bill collection and enjoy giving them as gifts to family and friends.
W. Gregg Stefancik My friend Webb gave me a pile of 2s as a wedding gift.
Ken Giroux I spend them whenever I receive them. I want $2 bills to be used everywhere.
Don Christmas I've never met a $2 bill I didn't like. A WheresGeorger since 1999!
Paul Osborne I keep 4 in my wallet... And counting!
Steve Burrows John Bennardo digs $2 bills; I dig John Bennardo, therefore...
Brad Lemonds My dad got a $2 bill the day it was re-issued. He put a stamp on it and the post office put a postmark on it with the date.
Dawn Sebock My family hides them at one another's homes.
Tim Dowker I am a promoter of the $2 bill.
Mike Dieppa Big fan of money! Try to collect as much of it as possible.
Claudine Weingartner I like to see the reaction when people/cashiers get them.
Richard Boyen 2up, peace!
Daniel Edmonds Circulating $2 bills since 2006.
Tony Lillios Always hiding and giving away lucky $2 bills
Nicholas Miles 6070 Toms entered; currently 2nd in Louisiana going for 1st - 94bronze 11/26/13.
C.D. Carson Whenever I spend them - Oh, wow, where do you get these? From the bank.
Robert E. Johnson $2 bills are unique and American history!
Charles Smith Charles/Ben (father/son) have 3555 twos entered on wheresgeorge. I love reactions when spent.
Evan White There was a time in my life when I only spent $2 bills. That was fun!
Steve Sabram Two dollar bills stgill deserve cash register space.
Tabby the Tablet Computer My grandfather gave me my first one...
Joel Lava I have a dozen; my grandma has & continues to give them to grandkids for all our lives
Jayson O'Bryan $2s seem cool because you rarely ever get them or see them.
Joseph Loiacono I like saving some odd currency including $2 bills, 50-cent pieces and gold dollars.
Peter Pawlowski Two dollars is better than one.
Richard A. Dalby I have hundreds. I make change for people and give them away to the homeless
James M. Wysocki Enter your $2s at
Ann Cohen Eugene S. Cohen was a giver of two dollar bills to have people feel special and in a way to have his blessing. I have about 70 from him and I give them to my loved ones. I guess I'll keep doing it til the last 3
Elias Pablo Zaklad My dad gave me my first $2 bill. He only uses $2s. Very fun.
John D. McComber I like $2s... I like to see the reaction of people receiving them as payment.
Stacy & Craig Dumas family My gramma gave me my first $2 bill when I was a child. Wonderful memory!!
Donna Sue Groves My five bills are treasures from my Grandfather Artie Gordon Green 55 years ago.
Yvonne S. Boice I like $2 bills because the history behind it is interesting and they bring good luck.
Annette Watson The $2 bill has a place in our hearts and good fortune in our wallets.
Mike Di Salvo I love the artwork on the bills.
Rae Ella Bennardo Having $2 bills makes me and my son John happy!
Heather McCabe I have a $2 bill spending documentation project at
Shashi Ramchandani A connoisseur of fine currency
Charlotte Puzio I'm John's aunt. I couldn't have refused one of my favorite nephews.
Steve Wimberly Use more $2 bills!
Marie Pagenkopp A $2 bill reminds me of my grandfather who gave me my first.
Joe George I've spent thousand of $2 bills in my life. Always believed they were good luck!
Ethan Cox $2 bills remind me of my dad, who always seemed to have some.
Marc Dole $2 bills always start a conversation.
Paul DeNigris Not sure what to say here.
James Watson History Buff and Money Collector
Chad Shipley I love old $2 bills with red ink!
Brian K. Johnson In honor of O.K. Johnson Sr.: grandfather, bank president and $2 bill lover, giver and tipper.
Max Nager Please stop hoarding $2 bills
Kelly Louise As a kid, I was fascinated with the $2 bills my dad kept hidden in the china cabinet. Throughout the years, I acquired a bunch as tips when bartending.
John McCue $2 bills are good conversation starters and good for tips.
Patrick Day My mother has collected them since their creation. Handing them out in birthday and holiday cards to me and my brother and sister every year.
Dave When I first got a bank account (age 10), I requested all withdrawals in $2 bills.
Jameson & Amberly Soto We currently have 2 $2 bills tucked away in a jewelry box.
Rebecca Pugh My grandfather passes them out in birthday cards.
Adam Simpson An American classic. We have one $2 bill we've kept for good luck.
David W. Burnett Where's George? supporter and $2 bill user.
Laurie Vanelli Enjoyed getting Twos for birthdays during childhood. Now she enjoys the reactions of people I give them to.
Susan E. Cohen Dad Eugene S. Cohen will be talked about in your documentary! He is quite a man to know. ESC is to know $2.00!
Paul Lukas All hail our most inconspicuous and underrated form of currency!
Paul Anderson Got my first deuce in 1976, liked them ever since, spend them all the time!
Robert Clarke
Sharilyn Ladson I don't save $2s. I spend them. I like the reactions, even the negative ones.
Charlie Lafferty I got my first $2 as a First Communion gift and I've had it for 16 years. I will never spend it..
Joseph D. Cox Since the $2 bill is rarely seen I give them to grandkids
Dawn N. Stuart Always loved to get them and also give them away :)
Robert Oristaglio Thanks, John!
Randall Smith Cristofer Bennardo Teri Fogarty Genevieve Luceri
Mark Deany Andrew Mazoleny Steven J. Fox Fred Shecter
E. L. Arnold Joseph Urbinati Laura Newmark Hank Eskin
Angela Perez Kopels De Ann Bennardo Micki Humbert Laurie Elizabeth Smith
Danny Donovan Webb Pickersgill Bruce Murphy Brandon First
Douglas Jim Hollander Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez Brian Gavsie
Lindsey Hughes Kevin Francesconi Lee Kirchner Steve & Lori Martel
Steve Harshfield Tina Bunchuk Tom O'Connor Jill Simpson
Scott Krevans Judy Christa Barry Grant Gregory Burley Brown
George Annunziata Dave Porfiri Eitan Marcoff Frank J. Bennardo
Frank and Sabrina Bennardo Jessica Hurwitz David & Jessica Skrabec Martin Phillips
Bill McCabe Chris Cusack Greg Dietz William Staab
Pierre Dwyer Larry & Barb Farrell Kevin Kolodziej John Coppola

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